Powell / Peralta catalogs 92–93

Skate Outlaw
5 min readFeb 21, 2024

Times were-a-changing at PP camp in the early 90’s. While skateboarding died (again..) and moved from huge stadiums back to the streets, new, hotter companies like Rocco’s World Industries and Mike Ternasky’s H-Street (and Plan B that followed) became the big dogs. With the exception of Cab, Bones Brigade had disbanded by 92 and the even the previous Bad Persons (Birdhouse Projects), Scum Buckets and Mememe’s (The Firm) had their own companies. Even Stacy saw the writing on the wall, left and Powell-Peralta was back to just Powell.

But Powell wasn’t ready throw in the towell just yet. They had their own hot batch (pun intended) of new riders, such as Wade Speyer, Bucky Lasek, Chris Senn and Lance Conklin.

Here’s some stuff they had for mailorder back then.

Spring / Summer, 1992

September 1992

New Products July 1992

December 1992

Products March 1993

Products May 1993